our candles

Light the Night Candles are 100% American Made, from the glass to the wax and fragrance. Your purchase helps keep American jobs growing. After you have enjoyed the candle, you can reuse the glass jar for canning, drinking or decoration. We use select packaging, shipping materials and internal documents that contain a high level of post consumer recycled content.

Our Candles

  • American Made Glass in Reusable Jars. Please recycle.

  • Our Waxes are a Soy/Paraffin Blend that lengthens the burn time and improves scent "throw".

  • Lead Free Wicks have not been used in America for years. Our wicks use a zinc core to keep them straight for an even burn.

  • We Select Packaging, Shipping Materials and Internal Documents that Contain A High Level of Post Consumer Recycled Content.

  • Our jar candles come with a patented plastic insert called a wick straightener. This ensures your wicks are dead-center!

  • Just the right amount of high-quality fragrances ensure your candle burns properly and smells delicious.

  • The thickness of our jar glass keeps the wax insulated for a great wax pool.

  • Our glass handle makes sure you never pick up a hot candle and spill wax.

  • When not burning use the candle lid to keep fragrance alive.

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