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Our Apple Orchard features the juicy scent of sweet red and tart green apples. A popular scent year round and a welcoming aroma for every home.
A classic triple scent, with fragrances reminiscent of special gatherings with family and friends. Enjoy this all American favorite.
Ripe banana, walnuts, vanilla and the warmth of nutmeg will fill your kitchen. One of our most popular candles from fall into summer.
Don't let the name fool you! We've created a delicious combination of sweet black raspberry and just enough vanilla to make you growl over this bear-e-licious favorite.
The simple ingredients of butter, sugar and flour create this classic white birthday cake. Add creamy frosting and you have a candle you wont want to blow out!
The blueberry packs a powerful punch of aromatic fruitiness. Bake them in a yummy cobbler and you have an irresistible dessert candle.
My o' my, think pecan pie mixed with gooey butter caramel drizzled all over. This delicious candle is our most popular food fragrance.
Cedar trees grow for years absorbing the fresh mountain air. That air mixed with their sweet sap and a touch of warm vanilla makes a candle you will treasure as long as the memories in yoru cedar chest.
Cinnamon is a timeless staple of great bakers. Make this warm and inviting spice a permanent part of your kitchen.
Start your day with this breakfast in a jar. Just light the flame on these hot buttery pancakes and them wait as the deep rich smell of sweet maple syrup pours onto your plate. A surprising fragrance that makes breakfast last all day
A fragrant blend of fresh, tart cranberry with woody spice notes. The "top notes" of cranberry gives this candle a huge scent throw that will fill your entire home
Loved by nearly everyone, our French Vanilla candle is a soft, warm and inviting traditional scent that lingers for hours.
A very strong and popular scent, this is a great candle for removing almost any type of odor. This Fresh Breeze is like opening a window or door without ever touching them.
Everyone loves the unmistakable smell of a baby. This powerful memory maker has been a favorite for years. Perfect for your baby's room, or if you just want to "baby" yourself.
When the bright smell of lemon is sprinkled with sugar and yellow cake mix it tastes like summer. The natural smell of lemon makes this one of our most popular and strong fragrances.
Only the tropics could produce these two perfect fruits. Super sweet coconut and the brilliant smell of pineapple will bring the island sun into any room. Enjoy those coconuts, but handle with care.
Yes this is that "Lovespell". A lavishly lush combination of peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine is sure to cast a spell on your man
Your favorite sun-ripened melons poured in layers of Honeydew, Cantaloupe and Watermelon. Our triple melon candle is an tropical combination that can't be found anywhere else.
We mix banana and milky sweet coconut so you can enjoy this relaxing summer candle. You can blame the monkey or take full credit for buying this playful island aroma.
A soft breeze, the waves crashing against the shore... Our Night at the Beach candle blends coconut, ocean mist, fresh picked orange blossoms and jasmine petals. This candle offers a refreshing way to Light the Night.
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